Dj Dr. Ramzi: The Coolest Professor We Know

Dr.Ramzi is not your typical Stanford professor, he has a husky and lively voice and he probably knows more than most people when it comes to Alternative Arabic Music and art! Dj/Dr. Ramzi is a fiction author, a professor, a podcaster and a DJ, and we just have to share with you details about his radio show called Arabology, a show you wouldn’t want to miss once you know what it’s all about.

Arabology is broadcasted weekly on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM that showcases music and other cultural productions from the Arab world. Dr. Ramzi presents each episode the latest musical productions in the middle east and MENA region in general and updates the listeners on everything Arabic and Alternative. More than that, he gives translations of lyrics, biographies of artists and information about upcoming shows or festivals happening in the U.S. . Interviews are also featured on the show, Dj Ramzi spoke to Mashrou’ Leila, Tania Kassis, Tania Saleh, Yasmine Hamdan, Rania Kurdi, Dina El Wedidi and many others. The show is fun and the music is a blast, Dr. Ramzi is, in fact, all about showing the fun side of the MENA countries and supporting both beginner and professional artists.

The program is also available on Soundcloud where you can find every episode of the 9 seasons’ show, you can check out the show’s blog where you can find interviews and cool talks, and a Youtube channel  full of awesome playlists of Dalida and Fairouz and other bonus scenes from the show. If you’re new to this show you definitely wanna check out one of Arabology’s best episodes « Top 20 Alternative/Indie Arabic Songs of the Year » and then catch up with the show’s latest episode right here.